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Health Savings Accounts

Confused about managing your healthcare dollars? A Health Savings Account (HSA) can be an excellent, cost-effective way to pay for health care costs.

Open an HSA from First Farmers and receive a competitive variable interest rate and the convenience of an HSA debit card. Talk to your tax advisor to discover the tax advantages of an HSA account.

Want to Get Started?

Do you have a high-deductible insurance plan? You may be eligible for an HSA! Swing by your Local Branch or Contact Us and ask about an HSA account.
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Here are the details:

Checking Account: Your HSA will be deposited with First Farmers Bank & Trust (Member FDIC). You will receive a monthly account statement, which details all deposits and withdrawals. If you have written checks, you will receive images of the checks with your statement. Your account balances are insured up to the limits imposed by the FDIC.


Debit MasterCard®: Use your Debit MasterCard to make Qualified Healthcare purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Purchases will be automatically deducted from your HSA. Certain fees may apply - see our Truth-in-Savings for more information.


Checks: If you ordered HSA Checks, you will receive a special supply of Health Savings Account checks that can be used to pay for your Qualified Healthcare Expenses.


Interest Rates: Your account may earn interest if your HSA account balance meets certain guidelines. For additional information see our Truth-in-Savings.


Internet Access: You will have access to your account balances and activity through our website.


Telephone Banking: You will have toll-free access to your account balances and activity by calling 1-888-350-3799. Once your HSA account is established, simply call and sign up at no cost.

Some of the Benefits of an HSA:

HSA accounts encourage savings for future medical expenses.

  • Non-covered services under future coverage
  • When employer-sponsored coverage is lost during periods of unemployment

Other coverage

  • Medical expenses after retirement (before Medicare eligibility)
  • Insurance coverage after Medicare eligibility (except Medigap)
  • Out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare
  • Long-term care expenses

COBRA continuation coverage accounts are owned by the individual (not an employer). The individual decides:

  • How much to contribute
  • How much to use for medical expenses
  • Which medical expenses to pay from the account
  • Whether to pay for medical expenses from the account or save the account for future use
  • Which company will hold the account

Accounts are completely portable, regardless of:

  • Whether the individual is employed or not
  • Which employer the individual works for
  • Which state an individual moves to
  • Age or marital status changes
  • Future medical coverage

No “use it or lose it rules” like Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSAs)

  • Unspent balances in accounts remain in the account until spent on medical care
  • Encourages account holders to spend their funds more wisely on their medical care
  • Encourages account holders to shop around for the best value for the health care dollars

HDHP premiums should be cheaper than health insurance with traditional deductibles:

  • Favorable tax treatment
  • Contributions
  • Disbursements