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Bump CD

Are you looking for a safe and a rewarding place to save for the future but rising interest rates leave you uncertain? If you want to start building your funds in a CD, but you want to be able to move those funds if a better rate becomes available, the Bump CD might be right for you.

Here's how it works: You open a 42 month Bump CD at the current, very competitive rate of 2.75% APY*. At any time during the 42 month CD term, you can choose to come into a branch and bump the rate to the current posted rate closest to but not exceeding the remaining term left on your CD. What's that all boil down to? Peace of mind that you're able to earn a competitive rate of return on your CD, today and tomorrow. 

Ready to get started? This is a limited time offer. Fill out the contact form below or call or come in to your nearest branch. 
*2.75% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective March 5, 2019 and subject to change. $1,000 minimum deposit to open a 42 Month CD. Must open and/or maintain a FFBT checking or savings account with a $1,000 daily minimum balance. APY reduced by 0.20% to 2.55% APY if checking or savings account is not opened or, during the term of the CD, minimum daily balance is less than $1,000. A one-time (1 time) rate Bump can occur at any time during the CD term.  The rate will bump up to the current posted rate closest to but not exceeding the remaining term left on the CD. Promotional rates for special offers made available during the CD term are excluded from the rate Bump option. The new interest rate and APY will remain in effect for the remainder of the CD term. If at any time during the term of your CD you want to exercise the Bump Option, stop in at your local branch. Penalty imposed for early withdrawal. Maximum balance of $250,000. Offer may end at any time. Not available for Public Funds, Financial Institutions, or Individual Retirement Accounts. This product automatically renews into a 36 month CD at maturity.