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Mobile Wallet

Put your money where your phone is with Mobile Wallet, a convenient and secure place to store your Debit Card.

Mobile Wallet is an app that allows you to make payments directly from your mobile phone or tablet. Not only is this a more convenient way to pay, but it is far more secure than carrying a physical card. Fingerprint technology and password protection allow multiple layers of security to protect your money, and the worldwide recognition of Google, Apple, and Samsung means you can be confident in your purchasing power.

Add your debit card to the Mobile Wallet that's right for you:


How to add your FFBT Debit Card to a Mobile Wallet

Simply download your preferred Mobile Wallet app (Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay) and follow the instructions on the app. There's no need to come into the bank! However, if you choose to come into your local branch, we'll gladly assist you in the setup process.

Still Need a Debit Card?

Get your very own FFBT Debit Mastercard to make purchases easier than ever before.
Learn Howto get your very own FFBT Debit Mastercard