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Money Barks! Advice from the Dogs with Harold the Dog

Jun 7, 2021 | Jessica Rolph
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Welcome back to another edition of Tell Me a Story from First Farmers Bank & Trust. We’re going to be doing something a little different for the next few weeks. We just rolled out our “Top Dog Banking” campaign, and in true Top Dog fashion, we’re bringing in guest columnists for the next few weeks.

Money Barks! Advice from the Dogs

This week’s columnist: Harold the Dog

Harold is a golden retriever with a nose for finance! He’s a very good boy when it comes to keeping his eye on the ball and sniffing out opportunities. He can get distracted by shiny…or fluffy objects (SQUIRREL!), but at the end of the day, he’s a straightforward pup, just like his name suggests.

Dear Harold the Dog – I’m frustrated. I know I’m a Top Dog, just like you! I manage my money well, pay my bills on time, and there are quite a few financial goals that are important to me to work on. But it seems like nobody is willing to work with me on those. My friends and family have different spending habits than I do, and as far as my bank is concerned, I’m just another number. How do I get help?

-Frustrated but Focused

Dear Frustrated,

Dog, I hear you! When you have priorities and plans that you’re working towards and somebody comes along and tries to change the route, it makes me start itching like I’m covered in fleas! You’ve sniffed out your financial goals and you know how to follow that trail to success! But here’s something I’ve learned from running with my own pack of pals—communication is everything. Your friends and family have goals and priorities of their own, so talk about it. And if you expect understanding of your financial needs, you’re going to have to listen and appreciate what they’re working towards as well. Talk it out and walk it out, that’s what I always say.

When it comes to your bark….er, I mean, your bank, that’s a different story. You’re not a number! You’re a top dog with top dog demands! There are lots of options out there, and trust me, you can find a true financial partner.


Dear Harold the Dog—I have a family business that we’ve been in for 60 years. There’s a lot of history and sentimental value attached beyond the income it generates. I have kids graduating college in the next few years, and we’re not sure they want to take over the business. It’s causing a little friction around the dinner table. Any advice?

-Family Dog

Dear Family Dog,

That’s a lot to shake a stick at! Building a business is no small task and I can tell you’re proud of what you and your family have accomplished over the years. In my experience, young pups have to go out on their own for a while and figure out their own paths, but I wouldn’t write them off just yet. Keep the conversations going, but remember, they have their own dreams too. Even if they don’t want to run the business on a day to day basis, there may be options for keeping ownership in the family.

You’ll want to have a straightforward discussion with your family about what those options are. Talk to a lawyer and make sure you’re keeping any financial entities aware of any planned changes in business structure. It seems like a big problem now, but once you get a leash around it, I’m sure you’ll see more possibilities than problems. Good luck, Family Dog!


Thanks for reading Money Barks! If you’re determined to be a Top Dog of finance, come on in to First Farmers—we’d love to talk to you about a plan to reach your financial goals. Until next time, keep your tails wagging and your paws trotting!