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Money Barks! Advice from the Dogs with Petunia Pooch

May 31, 2021 | Jessica Rolph
Read Money Barks Advice from the Dogs

Welcome back to another edition of Tell Me a Story from First Farmers Bank & Trust. We’re going to be doing something a little different for the next few weeks. We just rolled out our “Top Dog Banking” campaign, and in true Top Dog fashion, we’re bringing in guest columnists for the next few weeks.

Money Barks! Advice from the Dogs

This week’s columnist: Petunia Pooch

Dear Petunia Pooch: I know it’s important to take some me time during my day, but I’m so BUSY! I have two fantastic children, a full-time job that I LOVE, and I like to volunteer for some non-profits in my hometown. The problem is, I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, and when that happens, I turn to shopping...with credit cards. It seems like my me time comes with interest!

-Overwhelmed with Interest

Dear Overwhelmed,

It sounds to me like you deserve as much me time as you want! Life can be very busy at times, especially when you have a few pups to take care of and a career. I’m sure it feels like more than four legs could keep up with! I can tell that giving the best of yourself is important to you – that's very TOP DOG of you! Us canines are the same way, always giving 100%. That means 100% to our jobs, 100% to our families, and 100% when it’s time to unwind and relax. In other words, 100% to ourselves too!

When you go so long without checking in with your own feelings, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and then overindulge when the opportunity presents itself. Credit cards can be convenient and help build our credit score...but they can also make overindulging WAY too easy.

My advice is to build some high quality me time into your schedule. Make plans for how you’ll spend it, sometimes maybe shopping, but also taking walks, reading a book, or just relaxing with a good movie and popcorn. Whatever lets you refuel your energy and show appreciation for your own TOP DOG personality. Once you put it in the schedule, make sure you treat it with the same importance you give your other appointments. You’ll be feeling less overwhelmed and more in control of your time and your finances with a little planning!

Dear Petunia Pooch: I just graduated high school, and all of my older relatives are sending me checks and congratulations! I work most of the day and don’t have a ton of time to cash them or write the thank you notes. How long do I have to do that without being ungrateful?

-Busy but Thankful

Dear Busy,

Congrats on your graduation! What an exciting time, when a young dog is ready to start their Top Dog journey! You asked two questions, and they’re both important.

First, here’s what you do. Get all of the cards in a pile and count them. Then make sure you have enough thank you cards, sit down, and write them. Write them NOW. Your relatives and family friends know you’re busy, and they might not be offended if they don’t get a thank you card. BUT they will be very happy when they DO get a thank you card. Taking time to appreciate the people or pups who support you is a huge part of living the TOP DOG lifestyle.

As far as the checks, you almost always have 180 days to cash those before they expire, but keep in mind that the person who sent that to you is expecting it to come out of their account soon. By waiting too long, you might cash it when they’ve forgotten about it and inadvertently cause them some financial issues. If you can’t get to the bank, you can deposit checks into your account with mobile check deposit.

Good luck with your new top dog journey! And remember...write those thank you cards!

Thanks for reading Money Barks! If you’re determined to be a Top Dog of finance, come on in to First Farmers—we’d love to talk to you about a plan to reach your financial goals. Until next time, keep your tails wagging and your paws trotting!