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Money Barks! Advice from the Dogs with Tubbs the Pug

May 24, 2021 | Jessica Rolph
Read Money Barks! Advice from the Dogs

Welcome back to another edition of Tell Me a Story from First Farmers Bank & Trust. We’re going to be doing something a little different for the next few weeks. We just rolled out our “Top Dog Banking” campaign, and in true Top Dog fashion, we’re bringing in guest columnists for the next few weeks.

Introducing Money Barks! Advice from the Dogs

This week’s columnist: Sir Elvis Puggleston, AKA “Tubbs”

Dear Tubbs: When it comes to money, I’m just a little dog too. I just started my first real job, but I still have the same stuff that I had when I was a student: older car, inexpensive clothes, and scuffed up shoes. I don’t have a ton of cash to spend shopping because I’m still paying off student loans. Should I just put those things on credit so my colleagues take me seriously?   

-Another Little Dog with Big Dreams

Dear Little Dog,

Hold it right there, pooch! Before your colleagues or anyone else is going to take you seriously, you have to take yourself seriously. Listen to yourself! You just started your first real job, you’re paying off your loans, and you’re thinking about the future! Sounds to me like you should have your head held high and your tail wagging!

But I get where you’re coming from. I like nice things too! But that new car will still be there for you once you have your top priority money goals taken care of. A Top Dog doesn’t just have big dreams; a Top Dog has a plan. You have to decide what the most important thing is to you when it comes to finances. For me? I’m just a few months away from putting down a BIG DOG down payment on my dream home. That means I’ve been wearing this same old collar for a while now, but I don’t mind. I won’t be thinking about that collar when I’m snoozing in the sun coming in through the big windows up front!

Here’s a little secret I learned from some of my canine companions—live in the moment for some things. Like enjoying your food or catching the smell of rain in the morning on your first walk of the day! But for those big ticket dreams, a little planning goes a long way…and it’s worth the wait.

Dear Tubbs: I’ve been able to grow my business lately, but I’m starting to run into a wall. I need more employees, more supplies, and more space to work. All of that comes with more overhead! I’m nervous about getting the financing and the debt that comes with it. Any advice?

-Scaredy Cat

Dear Scaredy Cat,

Sounds like a good problem to have! I can understand why you’re nervous. You’ve got things going great right now, and you’re comfortable. Starting a business is scary, and so is growing one! There aren’t any guarantees. It’s like when I take my evening stroll through the neighborhood—I usually go the same way, see the same dogs, and bark at the same cars. It’s comfortable and I know I’m not going to get lost.

Well, I’m not going to get lost no matter what. I’m a dog. It’s a nose thing. Anyways, my point is, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with what works, if that’s what makes you happy. But if you want to grow and see more opportunities, you’re going to be taking some risks. You have to decide what is right for you. Maybe that means taking a few long evening strolls yourself, but it also might mean talking to the right financial partner to figure out what options you have.

Either way, Scaredy Cat, I’m wagging good luck and best wishes your way!

Thanks for reading Money Barks! If you’re determined to be a Top Dog of finance, come on in to First Farmers—we’d love to talk to you about a plan to reach your financial goals. Until next time, keep your tails wagging and your paws trotting!