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Growing Good in our Local Communities

May 13, 2020 | Mark "Doc" Holt
Growing Good

Farms. Family. Community.


For us, so much comes back to that. 


We've been in the banking business for 135 years. We've seen good times and bad, and weathered some storms along the way. We know that our blessings, our success, and our growth are a result of hard work, and not just our own. Our neighbors, our customers, and our communities have always provided the support and the environment necessary for that growth. 

When we started this year, we were talking about the past. 135 years in business is a milestone, and we're proud of it. We had campaigns built around our history, our growth, and our favorite memories. We were going to talk about farms and families and community. That has always been our focus. We're proud of that too.


Now, we find that looking backwards, even in celebration, isn't possible. Right now, along with our friends, neighbors, and community partners, we have to focus on the present. What do our customers need today? What about our employees? Our communities? And what role can we play in that?


Over the years, I've seen my colleagues give back. Donating money and time isn't new for any financial institution. It's our privilege and our responsibility to invest in the communities that support us. 


But the past few months have been anything but business as usual. In 135 years, we haven't seen a challenge quite like this. Still.


Farms. Family. Community.


I guess 135 years isn't completely off the table after all. As the government and the SBA rolled out PPP loans for businesses, FFBT had many employees working diligently day and night to input, process, and fund these large volumes of loan applications into an immensely overburdened, and often frustrating, SBA internet lending platform. Over the past few weeks, we've announced some exciting initiatives. From working with our local farmers and meat processors, to reaching out to different community foundations, we've been overwhelmed by the response of these local partners. Our branch employees continue to be a source of pride as they've recognized, appreciated, and encouraged our local heroes in essential services. It's been inspiring to see our communities adapt to the challenges posed by this crisis. And it's been humbling.


Today, we are committed to being a resource for our communities, a helping hand and a willing partner for the work ahead. When we question what the next right thing to do is, we'll stay true to our roots. Farms. Family. Community.


When 2021 rolls around, I know we will look back and remember 2020 as the year that COVID-19 wreaked havoc on our lives. Leave looking back to tomorrow. Right now, let's look to each other. We have work to do.