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A Friendly Reminder to Stay Vigilant During COVID-19

Mar 18, 2020 | First Farmers Bank & Trust

Let us first say that we hope you are doing well as can be during these trying and unforeseen times. Together, we will prevail as we always have.


We felt as though it was important and necessary to remind everyone to not allow the news unfolding around you to distract you from using strong online security practices, especially regarding emails. National and international events like the current COVID-19 response are prime opportunities for hackers and scammers to attempt to get either your money or personal information. It's likely that many of you will see an increase in the amount of spam emails in the coming weeks.


Please read ALL of your emails very carefully.  If the email is not something you expected, but might be something that is a legitimate business communication, the easiest way to verify the email is legitimate is to contact the sender by phone to confirm.  Please note that you should always call a number you can obtain from independently.  NEVER call a phone listed in an email if you even suspect the email isn’t legitimate.


By the same token, be sure to be clear as to why you are sending an email when you send one to a third party.  Clearly state the purpose of the email.

As the old proverb says, “Trust but Verify.”


Stay safe out there!


- Your friends at First Farmers Bank & Trust