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The View from Quarantine

Jessica Rolph | March 20, 2020


t’s been an interesting few weeks. We’ve seen schools close, restaurants move to pick up and delivery only, and the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. People are understandably scared, frustrated, confused and uncertain. But on top of all this uncertainty, we’re also faced with what might now be considered mundane challenges: keeping the kids occupied, deciding what to make for dinner, and building a budget, just to name a few.

You can’t scroll through your news feed or turn on the television without hearing about the COVID-19, how it’s spreading, and what it’s doing to our healthcare network and economy. There’s a lot to worry about, and I definitely will not deny that.

But there is hope.

In the news, we hear they’re making breakthroughs on promising vaccines and treatments.

We’re learning from other countries and each other the best ways to slow the spread of this virus.

In the midst of social distancing, we’re reaching out to each other through phone calls, text messages, e-mails, and social media. Suddenly screens aren’t keeping us isolated from each other; they’re bringing us together.

Many of us are at home. Some are lucky enough to be working remotely, though I’ll admit that can present its own challenges. Some of us find ourselves with hours to fill.

Maybe now is the time to tackle those spring projects, start writing that book, or finally give your car a deep cleaning.

Maybe you’d rather binge watch some TV shows or have a movie marathon. Board games are making a comeback as we look for new ways to entertain ourselves in uncertain times.

Definitely now is a great time to sit down and work out a budget for the next few months. We’re all living in a volatile financial environment, and a budget is one way to cope with the stress of that situation.

At First Farmers, we’re blessed to be a part of so many wonderful communities. During these challenging times, we’re going to keep being a part of those communities. We want to hear from you—about your accounts, your plans for the future, and what you’re doing right now, today, to stay positive and focused on that hope for tomorrow.

We’ll be sharing stories on our website and social media. Some about the pandemic, but a lot more about the good we’re seeing today—people helping each other, families coming together, and dreams continuing to be built towards an even better tomorrow.

We hope we’ll hear from you. If nothing else, one thing has become very clear in the past few weeks—we’re all in this together.

Share Your Story.

Get involved. Share your story of the past couple weeks with us and we may end up writing about it.