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Pinterest Picks - Episode 1

Jessica Rolph | November 2, 2019


omehow, it’s November. Time flies when you’re having fun, and last month was definitely a blast. Now we’re looking forward to the holiday season, bringing out the decorations, and dusting off those favorite family recipes.

I’m not much of a chef myself, although I’ve spent more than my fair share of time watching cooking shows. I’m hopeful that eventually something will rub off and I’ll start crafting culinary delights with ease. Until then, I can always count on the slow cooker for a good meal, and I consider it a win to have a thawed turkey on Thanksgiving morning.

Of course, they say that practice makes perfect, and I think there’s some truth to that. So with my team from the bank, we’re hunting down Pinterest Thanksgiving pins for some inspiration, or short of that, at least a little bit of fun. We’re practicing for Thanksgiving—before Thanksgiving. Every week, we’re picking out a new recipe on Pinterest, and taking a stab at it ourselves. I imagine they might not all work out, but that’s just a part of life, at least for myself. Whether it’s staying on budget, cleaning the house, or trying a new recipe—in my experience, some days are more successful than others.

With this cheerful sentiment in mind, we picked out our first Thanksgiving Pinterest pin. It was a turkey…kind of. This was a rice crispy treat turkey, stuffed with candy. Maybe not a big hit with the adults in the room, but the kids would love to have this at the Thanksgiving table. Here’s what you’ll need:

Rice Crispies
Mini Marshmallows
Candy Stuffing
Pots, Pans & Elbow Grease
A Paper Cup
Paper & Tape
A Sense of Humor

We opted to go with chocolate rice crispies instead of the more typical variety because we did not want a raw turkey. In retrospect, this meant we opted for a burnt turkey. As we melted the butter and marshmallow mixture, I plotted the masterpiece that we’d shortly be constructing. As soon as the marshmallows were melted, we added the cereal.

A LOT of cereal.

Perhaps more cereal than reasonably should have been placed into the pan. We tried to mix it up regardless of size issues, and after a good 20% of the cereal flew out of the pan, we made the decision to move the concoction to a larger mixing bowl. This was when we realized just how sticky and difficult it would be to clean the melted marshmallows out of the pan.

A quick Google search and some baking soda later, we were boiling the leftover marshmallow goop out of the pan and starting to sculpt. Using the cup to create a cavity for the candy stuffing, we molded rice crispy treats like preschoolers with play-do. There is not a ton of character in a turkey carcass. This is not something I’d ever considered before, but as we simply formed some turkey sized lumps on the plate, it became obvious. Perhaps turkeys are not the best muse for sculpting.

Finally, we poured in the candy and stood back to admire our masterpiece. It looked nothing like a turkey. Still, one hour and many laughs later, we had plenty of rice crispy treats to snack on and at least one Thanksgiving idea to cross off the list. I think this year we’ll be keeping the turkey as the main course, not part of the dessert. Make sure to check back in next week as we tackle another recipe. Until then, from First Farmers Bank & Trust, I’m Jess, and I’m listening.