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Making Cents - The E-ssentials of eBanking

Brian Powers | March 26, 2020


n recent weeks, it seems as though the most common words and phrases being thrown around are ones invoking fear, panic, and uncertainty. While we acknowledge current circumstances and encourage exercising an intelligent amount of caution, we here at First Farmers wanted to take a moment to run over some basic features we offer you, our customers, not only in volatile times, but in everyday situations just to make your lives a bit less stressful.

Online Banking

Every one of our accounts automatically comes with each of our three mainstays of electronic banking at no charge; these features include: mobile, online, and telephone banking. Whether your preference is to call us, use your laptop or desktop computer, or use your smartphone or tablet, First Farmers has you covered at no charge. We also offer many other optional features for you to add such as online bill paying services and electronic statements, most of which come at no charge or fee, although some do hold a requirement of some sort.

Aside from these highly convenient features, First Farmers also offers an ever-growing inventory of products on both our mobile app and website services to not only allow you to control your money the way you want, when you want, but to also help you make informed decisions on what may be right for you no matter how big or small the step.

Control your money when you want.

On our website, you can find handy tools at your disposal such as an up-to-date APY rate on your interest-bearing accounts, this super simple place to securely order checks, and (one of our favorites) this amazing list of calculators to help you plan for life events. These are just an appetizer of the feature feast we offer both personal and business customers on our website. Why not go on and check them out real quick? And, as always, we are more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have for us.

For our customers on the go, we’ve got you covered, too. From our super user-friendly, yet technologically advanced and secure smartphone app, you can pay bills, transfer money between accounts, see real-time account information, find the location of your nearest ATM or branch, and even deposit a physical check by just taking a picture of it (yes, seriously). To see what other options are offered on our completely free app, check out this page and prepare to be astonished, excited, and maybe even a little awestruck.

We want to be next to you during the most pivotal parts of life, but we also want you to know that we will be doing so from the forefront of banking technology and security. As our pledge to stand by our products and our customers, we have compiled this page where we answer some of the questions we’re asked most. On top of this convenient feature, we also welcome you to reach out to us with any other questions and suggestions so you not only feel heard but we can continue to grow.