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Flopped - An Incompetent Pie Competition

Jessica Rolph | November 27, 2019


t 10 AM on a gray Monday morning, we arrived at the kitchen. We were there to battle. The terrain? Pies. The combatants? A bank marketing team with more ingredients than we’d ever worked with before. This was how we were wrapping up our November Thanksgiving Pinterest challenge.

I was determined to come out on top at the first annual FFBT Thanksgiving Pie Bake Off, so I’d chosen what was described as key lime pie’s more sophisticated older sister—a cranberry lemon pie, topped with sugared cranberries and whip cream. I was zesting lemons and folding ingredients in a bowl balanced over a pot of simmering water. I felt like a pro and could only hope the finished product would make the final cut.

For the past few weeks, the marketing team at FFBT has been tackling different Pinterest recipes in preparation for Thanksgiving. You might wonder what this has to do with finances and banking in general. It’s all about the recipe, or in other words, the plan. In the kitchen, a recipe definitely helps you get from raw ingredients to the supper table. In life, a financial plan, such as a budget or retirement portfolio, is definitely going to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow (or in 10 years). It requires a certain amount of focus, sure, but some of the elements are set it and forget it until the timer goes off.

Of course, cooking and budgeting both leave a little wiggle room, some flexibility for unexpected expenses or trading out ingredients when your pantry proves lacking. After this past Monday, let me assure you—baking is not like that. It’s very unforgiving. Just ask the three judges.

My team mates both chose a different a pie. Josh went with a chocolate silk pie. It’s hard to mess up chocolate, but it needed to sit in the cooler for at least 4 hours for the filling to set up. He had about 90 minutes, so there were some consistency issues going on there.

Ryan, or should I say Marizio, set his sights on a Hoosier sugar cream pie. He’d never had a sugar cream pie. He didn’t know he was asking for trouble by destroying this celebrated pie in the heart of Indiana. I will admit, it looked very presentable. And he not only challenged himself with the filling, but actually made his own crust from scratch.

When all was said and done, we had one very messy kitchen, three pies, and three very apprehensive judges. Maybe they’d seen last week’s experiment with the Thanksgiving eggrolls? Despite their misgivings, they did sample all the pies, offering constructive advice the entire time. Lots of advice.

It’s been a fun November. I am more adventurous with my cooking now than I was back in October, when the crock pot was my go to dinner maker. Experience is the best teacher, even when things don’t go quite as expected. And of course, the journey is always better when you have good company.

We captured the pie baking challenge on video, and if you can’t wait to find out who won, or you just want to see the FFBT version of Worst Cooks in America, make sure to follow us on Facebook. It will be going up this Wednesday, a cautionary tale as you’re preparing your own Thanksgiving desserts.

Now, as I’m preparing for this Thursday, I am thankful for so many things. A loving family, a warm home, and a fantastic team that I get to work with every day. And I know I speak for all of us at First Farmers Bank & Trust when I say we’re thankful to you, our community, our neighbors, and our friends. Happy Thanksgiving. Until next week, from First Farmers Bank & Trust, I’m Jess, and I’m listening.