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The Sturgell Family

Sturgell Family
Jul 17, 2017, 17:40 PM
You may say that the Sturgell family took a non-traditional route into agriculture.

After graduating from Wittenberg University, Terry was interested in a pursuit apart from his father’s funeral home business and summer employment on his uncle’s farm allowed him the opportunity to explore different aspects of agriculture. The camaraderie and cooperative nature of the business solidified his interest in the industry. “I had a sincere love for the independence that farming provided and I enjoyed working with people that shared that passion.” Unexpectedly, his uncle initiated the possibility of Terry assuming the primary role in running his operation and an effective management transition took place over time.

A short while later, a need for insurance initiated an association with the local Farm Bureau. A political science major in school, Terry became immediately interested in the organization regarding grass roots industry advocacy and its involvement in Ag policy development. “Farming is about a lot of things but one of its most rewarding aspects involves helping our industry peers provide for others. Farm Bureau is a natural progression of those efforts.”

Terry’s son Travis grew up on his parents’ farm and immediately felt a connection to the industry and toward continuing his families’ efforts. He became actively involved in FFA and a local young leaders program that focuses on attracting and retaining young people in the Ag industry. He remains actively involved in the family operation that now farms over 1,200 acres of corn and soybeans. He hauls grain on contract as needed and intends to continue the farm operation as his father makes plans for succession and transition. Terry summarizes his families’ views on agriculture very simply. “This way of life allows us the ability to step back and think about others. Agriculture is about giving knowledge and resources while helping to feed the world. God has provided all I need. Agriculture allows us to share.”