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Plevna Implement

Plevna Implement
Jul 18, 2017, 21:11 PM
When it comes to speaking about the growth of his family equipment dealership, Plevna Implement, owner Bill Shrock is thoughtful – and humble.

Originally founded by Bill’s father and uncle in 1945, the company has grown to serve a wide range of customers in Indiana and surrounding states, and has earned 5-Star AGCO dealership awards for the past five consecutive years.

Bill attributes the company’s success to a very unique competitive advantage – the skills and camaraderie of his 38 employees. He also cites his personal faith as a source of inner strength and sense of calm while guiding his operation.

“Our employees have done an unbelievable job of building relationships with our customers over time. Though each employee has a different style and approach, collectively, they know how to take care of our customers.”

That relationship-focused philosophy is one of the key reasons why Plevna has been able to undergo significant growth. In the last two years alone, the company completed construction of a nearly 13,000 sq. ft. equipment showroom outside of Kokomo, Indiana, and acquired another dealership in Nappanee. Despite significant achievements in sales Bill is quick to point out the company’s success at selling AGCO (including Massey Ferguson, Gleaner, Sunflower, White Planters) is not simply about growth.

“We’ve had several opportunities to expand at the suggestion of AGCO, however, we recognized that for expansion to be successful, it must be well managed and comprehensive with the right people in place.

With the addition of key personnel, including Bill’s sons and nephews, the company was able to accomplish that. While still clearly passionate about his participation in the business, he exudes a sense of pride as he talks about the future of the business.

“Obviously, I want this business to continue long after me. I can see a time soon when I am less and less directly involved, but I’m confident that we now have a team of people in place that gives us the ability to continue to grow in a way that makes us proud. I gain significant satisfaction in knowing that both our employees and our customers will be well served.”