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Tell Me a Story #10 - Changing of the Seasons 

Jessica Rolph | September 13, 2019

As Summer turns to Fall and the leaves change colors, it's easy to recognizes other changes happening around us.

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Tell Me a Story #9 - Walking a Pig 

Jessica Rolph | September 6, 2019

You may have walked a dog before. Maybe you've even walked a cat. But have you ever walked a pig?

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Tell Me a Story #8 - Trip to the Zoo 

Jessica Rolph | August 30, 2019

As Summer nears its end, the zoo sounds like a great place to spend the weekend! Just try not to tap on the glass...

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Tell Me a Story #7 - Women in Business 

Jessica Rolph | August 25, 2019

Everybody has a story to tell. These women are no exception.

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Tell Me a Story #6 - Cabin in the Woods 

Jessica Rolph | August 18, 2019

Let's book a weekend in a cabin in the middle of the woods. What's the worst that could happen?

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Tell Me a Story #5 - Back to School 

Jessica Rolph | August 11, 2019

The first day of Kindergarten can be a little scary, but a great teacher can help turn that fear into excitement.

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Tell Me a Story #4 - Man's Best Friend 

Jessica Rolph | August 4, 2019

We all know dogs make loving companions, but they also leave us with lasting memories. Let's learn about Moose, Dixie, Bullet and Popeye.

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Tell Me a Story #3 - A Garden Prank 

Jessica Rolph | July 28, 2019

A garden is normally a place for peace and tranquility. Until someone decides to play a prank on you, that is.

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Tell Me a Story #2 - The Road Trip 

Jessica Rolph | July 21, 2019

Mountains, hiking, nature, and a friendly goat? Sounds like your usual childhood road trip through the Badlands.

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Tell Me a Story #1 - An Introduction 

Jessica Rolph | July 14, 2019

Jessica Rolph is the VP of Marketing at First Farmers Bank & Trust and the resident storyteller. Every week she will be sharing stories in this new series, Tell Me a Story.

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