Acct. Balancing Asst / Account Research $15.00 minimum ($25.00 per hour)
Photocopies of Cancelled Check Images $2.00 per image
Paper Statement Reproduction $5.00 per statement
Check Images added to Paper Statement $2.00 per month
Account Closing $25.00 if closed within 6 months
ATM Fees
Foreign ATM Transactions $1.50 each
International ATM Transactions $1.50 each plus exchange rate
Replacement ATM Card $7.50
Non-Customer ATM Surcharge $3.00
Bill Pay
Retail (First 2 months are free) $5.95 per month
Commercial (First 2 months are free) $3.00 per month, $0.45 per transaction
Cashier’s Check $7.00
Coin Sorting Greater of $5.00 or ½% of amount sorted
Collection Fee $15.00
Discovery $0.30 per page copied; search fees not to exceed $62.50 per hour and mailing fees
Dormant Account
Checking (after 1 year of customer initiated activity) $5.00 per month
Money Market (after 1 year of customer initiated activity) $5.00 per month
Savings (after 3 years of customer initiated activity) $5.00 per month
Fax Services
Received $1.00 per page
Sent 1st Page $3.00
Sent Additional Pages $1.00 each
Garnishment Processing $20.00
Inactive Account – Savings (after 1 year of customer initiated activity) $5.00
New Lock Box Keys $15.00
Night Deposit Locking Bag $25.00 per bag
Non-Customer Check Cashing (On Us Checks Only) $5.00
Notary Fees $2.00
Overdraft Services
Overdraft $32.00 each (Retail: max. 4 per day) (Commercial: max. 6 per day)
Consecutive Day Overdraft $5.00 per day after 5 business days (max. of $50.00)
Overdraft Protection from DDA or Savings $ 1.00 per month
Photocopies $0.25 per page
Returned Deposit Item $10.00 each
Returned Mail Fee $10.00
Safe Deposit Box
Drilling $100.00
New Keys $15.00
Signature Guarantee $5.00
Stop Payments $32.00 each
Telephone Transfers $3.00 per transfer
Customer Domestic Outgoing Wire $25.00
Customer Domestic Incoming Wire $10.00
International Outgoing Wire $50.00
International Incoming Wire $10.00