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Converse, IN,  September 21, 2016 – First Farmers Bank & Trust was again named among the top 1 percent most extraordinary banks in the United States by the Institute of Extraordinary Banking. First Farmers was recognized with Institute’s “Banky” Award for their commitment to strong community banking. This recognition is only achieved by the top 60 out of 6000 community banks across the country.

“Any time that the organization gets recognized for our commitment to community banking is an honor. We’re proud to represent the community bank model in our industry and to demonstrate that community banking can remain both successful and sustainable”, Tade J Powell VP of Communications and Public Relations, First Farmers Bank & Trust.

The Extraordinary Banking Awards exist to highlight the vital, yet often overlooked, role that local community banks play in our economy and the Banky represents the mark of excellence as designated by the Institute for Extraordinary Banking. More information is available at First Farmers Bank and Trust is a $1.55 billion, 36 branch organization, that employs nearly 400 people in Indiana and Illinois, and serves more than 50,000 clients, all while remaining headquartered in Converse, Indiana, a town of less than 1,250 residents.